Franchise System Development

Make Your Opportunities

Is your business something that can be franchised?
If you are a business owner, you may have thought about it at one time or another.
However, it is common to have no idea how to do it or what it will cost, and you may be hesitant to pay a lot of money to a consulting company before you know for sure.

From the 90’s to the pre-Lehman Shock era, there were many relatively large and excellent business formats.
As this was before the advent of smartphones, business models that targeted a wide range of customers and became part of the local masses were very attractive and effective business investments, even looking back on the current situation in 2021.

In this era, it is not an exaggeration to say that a franchise package could be established by applying the company’s own business to the business format. However, as we entered the age of multipolarity after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, business formats became smaller and the target audience shifted from small and medium-sized enterprises to individuals considering starting their own businesses.

In addition, as smartphones and other information tools have become more personalized, the market in which businesses operate has also become more personalized, and localized “individual” engagement has become more important.

Many consulting companies are trying to fit a business owner’s business into a predetermined format (package) like in the past, but we do not do that.
We diagnose and evaluate from various angles to create the best package, so there is no uniformity.
This is Biz Rise’s approach to personalization and localization.

Expand your brand to the world

Since around 2015, we have been providing support for overseas expansion mainly to brands that we have been involved in supporting in building their headquarters.
As each company’s system for overseas operations varies, we customize our services to cover points that are difficult for franchisors to handle.

Currently, we have added “J-FOOD LICENSING” and “Franchise Import Market” to the optional services of the global franchise platform “FranDo“, and are playing a part in expanding brand awareness.

In addition to PR through the media, we actively participate in overseas expos and conduct real sales activities.

We are good at creating schemes for overseas markets, but since everything differs depending on the country or region, the same scheme has never worked for us.
Just as the headquarters construction service is based on the theme of personalization and localization, the support for overseas expansion also requires the same kind of project promotion.

Without denying the past, we must always be zero-based.
This has enabled us to successfully sell various patterns such as master franchise, area development, and licensing.

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