Franchise System Development / Expand to overseas

Make Your Opportunities

Can existing business be franchised? It might be what the business owner thinks once.
Nonetheless, it is normal that there is no clue as to how to cost it and how much it costs, and it will be hesitant to pay a large amount of expenses to the consulting company before you know it well.
For business owners like that, we prepare franchise diagnosis service first.
Experienced members will use their own tools to diagnose what they need to franchise in the current business condition.
We adopt the two-step method of using the diagnosis results and making proposals in the case of consulting.

Expand your brand to the world

We support to expand your brand through World Food Franchise Market, franchisearch Asia and cooparate by our official agents. Also we have achievements to sell master franchise rights, area development rights, direct franchise and license.

World Food Franchise Market

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