Started the test operation of our new service “RAKUMESHI RANGER”.

Tuesday March 23rd, 2021Information ラクメシレンジャー


・It’s easy to get a well-balanced diet.
・To understand the value of good food naturally.
・Eliminate the likes and dislikes of children (family members).
・Even people who don’t like or are not good at cooking will be able to cook easily.
・People who do not like to cook will be able to cook easily.

With these concepts in mind, the “RAKUMESHI RANGER” will visit your home and perform an entertaining cooking show while providing you with a number of contracted menus and short recipes.

The theme of the service is “Dietary Education,” which supports customers to cook and serve their own meals to their families based on the menus and recipes provided.

Service Area

Sorry, we provide this service in Japan only for now.