About Us

Corporate Philosophy

“With a true customer and build a lasting relationship of trust”

We trust each other, mutual trust, and more than anything we enjoy working and want to expand that network. By our effect, if our friends could have an encounter each other somewhere, there would be no such delight.

Design Your Future

Biz Rise means its to rise business, as its name suggests.
Also, in the initials of “Rise” it means Reliable, Investment, Service, and Engine. We want to be a driving force for the development of companies. Such thought is put in it.

Board Member

We use “Curve Ball”

In modern times, there are various lifestyles, and management style is diversifying. Expanding the scale of the company, expanding the business is not everything. The things demanded by each company are different, and what is sought are also different. There is not one way to achieve the goal.
Recently, I often use the word “Curve Ball”. I resolve the problem that can not be solved with a straight ball using a curve ball. It is our method. We hope to challenge new business challenges based on the achievements we have been working on in various business issues.

  • Hajime Kobayashi (President)

    Hajime KobayashiPresident

  • Masayuki Toma (Vice President/COO)

    Masayuki TomaVice President/COO

  • Yoko Watai (Director)

    Yoko WataiDirector


Company Name Biz Rise Co., Ltd.
Address <Head Office>
3-17-6 2F, Minamisenzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 145-0063, Japan
<Business Design Studio>
Ishizaka Bldg. 1F, 3-18-14, Minamisenzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 145-0063, Japan
Business Hour 10a.m. – 6p.m. (Excluding weekends and holidays)
TEL/FAX TEL +81-3-6451-7975 / FAX +81-3-6451-7976
E-Mail info@biz-rise.com
Date of Establishment January 23rd, 2013
Capital 9,650,000 JPY
Board Member Hajime Kobayashi (President)
Masayuki Toma (Vice President/COO)
Yoko Watai (Director)


Head Office

Business Design Studio


Jan, 2013 Established at Tokyo.
Jan, 2013 Started to support for companies who are considering to be franchisor.
Apr, 2013 Started business branding service.
Jun, 2013 Started event consulting service.
Aug, 2013 Launched our corporate website.
Feb, 2014 Started supporting alumni party “DOSO-KAI.COM“.
Mar, 2015 Took a license “Privacy Mark(21000964)”.
Apr, 2016 Launched SNS system for alumni “DOSO-KAI.COM (Private)“.
Sep, 2018 Launched a new food franchise service “World Food Franchise“.
Jul, 2019 Opened “Business Design Studio”
Jan, 2021 Launched a global Franchise Platform “FranDo“.
Feb, 2021 World Food Franchise is divided into two sections: “J-FOOD LICENSING” which focuses on the overseas expansion of Japanese F&B franchises, and “Franchise Import Market” which focuses on the expansion of overseas franchises into Japan.
Aug, 2021 Obtained ISO27001 certification (FranDo)